In this adaptation of the popular series I Survived a Japanese Game Show -- which was created by David Sidebotham with formatting rights licensed by Small World IFT -- audiences will experience the zany world of Japanese game show culture complete with conveyor belts, dizzy chairs, giant fans and Velcro walls. Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong! features three elimination rounds to present one final winner. All 40 half-hour episodes will feature four teams of two contestants who are dropped into a world filled with crazy costumes, physical gags, over-the-top stunts and wild characters. Audiences at home will immerse themselves in this manic world first hand through an extensive interactive website complete with a second screen experience mobile app.
  • 40 x 30'
  • Interactive elements including second screen experience.
  • Target: Kids and Families
  • Produced by marblemedia for YTV and Disney XD


  • Host Yoshi
  • Judge Masa
  • Shinobi
  • Ninjas