D360 Adds New Kids and Factual Series; Announces Sales Across all Genres

Acquisitions include Apartment 11’s The Mystery Files and Forte’s Snapshots for CBC Kids 

Sales include YaYa & Zouk to DHX and Jim Jam, Healing Yoga to Foxtel 
and CBC documentaries across multiple territories

TORONTO, CANADA (June 13, 2016) – Distribution360, a marblemedia company that acquires and sells content across existing and emerging platforms, continues a strong year with multiple sales across all of its verticals and continues to provide international buyers with fresh new programming across kids and unscripted genres.

“We’ve had a tremendous quarter at Distribution360 and we are so pleased to announce our new content partnerships with the release of these new series,” said Diane Rankin, Senior Vice President International Sales and Acquisitions, D360.

New kids and unscripted acquisitions include:

The Mystery Files (13 x 30’) from Apartment 11. The adventure never stops for Kylan, E.B. and Aunt Tilly after they inherit a mysterious set of boxes containing ancient objects from their Great Aunt Hermione. Now it’s up to the team to figure out where these items came from and how they connect to the present day. Produced for
Snapshots (6 x 30) from Forte Entertainment. A competition format that encourages kids to use photography to tell stories about themselves and the world around them. Produced for CBC Kids.
mathXplosion (50 x 3’) from GAPC Entertainment. Mathemagician Eric shares secrets from the not-so- hidden world of math in this exciting, entertaining math-short series proving math is everywhere. Produced for TVOKids.
The Prime Radicals (52 x 15’) from GAPC Entertainment. Cousins Kevin and Alana help their wacky Uncle Norm with his misadventures using the power of math and some help from some friends! Produced for TVOKids.
Inside Paradise (13 x 30) from Good Earth Productions. Follow a group of ambitious individuals working in the tourist industry in St Martin as they try to make a year’s worth of income in four short months. Produced for Travel + Escape.
Great Canadian Rivers (39 x 30) from Good Earth Productions. A breathtaking journey through Canada’s diverse landscape, natural history and cultural heritage. Produced for TVO.
Confucious Was a Foodie (6 x 60’) from Mark Media. Featuring celebrity chef Christine Cushing exploring the best Chinese food imaginable and uncovering the fascinating traditions, philosophies and history of Chinese culinary culture. Produced for NTD CANADA.

D360 also added its first-ever 4K series to its catalogue, the stunningly beautiful Tales by Light (6 x 30’).

D360 is also pleased to announce over 150 hours of sales across 174 territories from the company’s new and returning series.


YaYa & Zouk (78 x 5’) to Jim Jam (EEMEA, Benelux) and DHX for Family Junior (Canada); YOUniverse (26 x 2’) to U-7 Group for Ginger (Russia); Alphabet Stories (26 x 1.5’) to GHI Media (Israel); and two seasons Figaro Pho (The New Adventures of Figaro Pho and The Adventures of Figaro Pho) (78 x 7’) to DHX for Charged (Canada). Splatalot (26 x 30’) continues ushering in international fans as Daydreamers/Czech TV (Czech Republic) picked up Season 2,
Red (Russia) acquired the broadcast rights for Seasons 1 and 2, and AVRO (Netherlands), renewed the broadcast rights of Season 1.


Safe Haven For Chimps (1 x 60’) to Bomanbridge (Philippines); Chasing Snowflakes (1 x 60’) to Bomanbridge (Philippines and Thailand); Nuts About Squirrels (1 x 60’) to TV5 Monde (U.S.A., Latin America, Asia and French territories); The Man Who Tweeted Earth (1 x 60’) to Discovery Europe;
The Sextortion of Amanda Todd (1 x 60’) to Planete+ (France).


RTR Media’s Open House Overhaul (13 x 30’) to Bomanbridge (Philippines), Talit Communications Home (Israel), Russia’s U-7 Group for Zagorodniy SD and Atresmedia (Spain); Zoomer Media’s Healing Yoga, Series 1-3 (86 x 30’) to Foxtel (Australia); Si Entertainment’s House of Bryan, Season 4 (30’) to Alati International for First HDTV (Russia) and African Business Channel (South Africa); Leave it to Bryan (30’) Season 5 to African Business Channel (South Africa) and Foxtel (Australia); Puppy SOS (13 x 30’) to Animal Family (Russia); Mississippi Snake Grabbers (12 x 30’) to Amazon (Germany).


French Canadian viewers will also experience Season 9 of Heartland (60’) on Corus Entertainment’s Series+

Distribution360, a marblemedia company, is a dynamic and innovative rights management business positioned to monetize content across all existing and emerging platforms around the World. With a focus on kids and factual programming, our mandate is to take maximum advantage of all opportunities in the digital economy and to achieve the best possible returns for the programs and properties that we represent.


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