D360 launches Bristow Global Media kids unscripted series It’s My Party!

TORONTO, CANADA (June 28, 2018) - Ahead of the Children’s Media Conference (CMC) in Sheffield next week, Distribution360 (D360) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Bristow Global Media series It’s My Party!which celebrates cultural diversity and embraces inclusivity.


From Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, and Hanukkah to Kwanzaa and Mexico’s Day of the Dead, viewers are taken on a fascinating journey of discovery into different cultural celebrations seen from a kid’s perspective. Each episode pairs up two kids who have never met; one acts as the party host introducing the other–their VIP guest–to their family’s cultural celebration. The two newfound friends jump in feet first, exploring the origins and meaning behind the traditions, participating in a series of challenges and games linked to the food, fashion and festivities of the dynamic celebrations, which culminate in a lively performance by both kids. 


Commissioned by Canadian pubcaster TVOKids, the 13 x 22’ It’s My Party!is an entertaining celebration of diversity for kids at a time when more positivity is sorely needed. Kids producers and broadcasters have long supported diversity and put that on screen for kids to see, but It’s My Party!is unique in that it is unscripted. Scripting the inclusivity message and casting for diversity has been the norm, but It’s My Party!puts the message into action with a real-world cast of kids from all different backgrounds who each want to share their family’s culture and traditions.


When Bristow Global Media shared this series with us it was a no brainer. It’s My Party! is the perfect antidote to all the negative news around the world giving kids (and all of us) anxiety. We need to be doing all we can to provide children with the tools to make inclusivity their normal. Celebrating and embracing our diversity is key to achieving this. We’re exceptionally happy to be adding this brilliant series to our catalogue and to start sharing it with buyers,” says Diane Rankin, SVP at D360.


Additionally, for localized versions, It's My Party! offers a fresh take on the swap-style format that has proven very successful through the years in grown-up TV.  D360 launched a kids formats business this past year, and It’s My Party! as a format fits perfectly into this catalogue that D360 is building which includes Just Like Mom & Dad, Snapshots and Treasure Champs, another series celebrating our cultural diversity.