14th April 2020:  Distribution360 is pleased to announce the addition of new food and adventure programming to its catalogue, following deals with two new production partners.  

Red Chef Revival(6 x 30), produced by Black Rhino Creative, capitalises on the current interest in authentic cooking and travel by following three high-profile Indigenous Canadian chefs as they leave their kitchens behind to explore the cuisine of their native culture. The chefs, New York Times-featured Cezin Nottaway, Top Cheffinalist Rich Francis and Choppedfinalist Shane Chartrand, journey from Fort McMurray to the Nemiah Valley, meeting fellow Indigenous people and learning to cook new recipes with ingredients you won’t find in any cookbook, such as moose nose, bison heart, and beaver tail. An Intimate series, with fascinating insights to Canada’s Indigenous population, Red Chef Revivalis more than a cooking show, it’s the story of a people, on a plate.


From Campside Productions, D360 has acquired its new feature documentary, Into the Arctic: Awakening(1 x 75), featuring artist and explorer Cory Trépanier as he completes his Arctic odyssey on journeys of discovery in some of Canada’s most spectacular wilderness landscape. In this new film, we follow as he voyages through the Northwest Passage, meets with Inuit elders, and paddles the most northerly canoe route in North America. D360 has also acquired the previous two films in this series: Into the Arctic(1 x 60) and Into the Arctic II (1 x 90), the dramatic stories of Trépanier’s first legs of his multi-year quest to explore and paint the vast wilderness of the Canadian Arctic. A fourth film, Truewild: Kluane (1 x 90), makes up the package. This tracks Trépanier as he straps an easel to his back and steps into the Yukon’s Kluane National Park & Reserve for a month, aiming to capture its untamed beauty on canvas. The films work as standalone titles or can be packaged together as a series.


Diane Rankin, Distribution360’s SVP rights comments: “Both Black Rhino Creative and Campside Productions are small, creative producers, passionate about telling authentic and meaningful new stories about Canada. We are delighted to now be in a position to share their unique work with the world and find it great homes with international broadcasters and platforms keen to engage their viewers with interesting new content, especially during the current crisis. 


Red Chef Revivalis like no other cookery show I’ve seen, and a true celebration of Canada’s Indigenous population, while Cory Trepanier is an exciting artist and who succeeds in showcasing the breath-taking Canadian wilderness – from its icy peaks to dense forests - through an intriguing new lens.”