D360 debuts new Victory Arts series Alphabet Stories Toronto, ON (October 2, 2014)

With a focus on sales to emerging and traditional platforms, Distribution360, a  marblemedia company, has unveiled its 2014 Kids and Youth roster for  MIP Junior filled with new animated and live-action television properties in addition to new interactive content.

D360 will present three new third party acquisitions including the  Victory Arts preschool series’ Alphabet Stories (26x1.30’) and YOUniverse (26x2.15’), in addition to the  Positive Productions and  Media Rendezvous environmental youth series Planet Echo (52x30’). Distribution360 will also debut the new marblemedia live-action preschool series Hi Opie! (13x30’/ 39x30’) as a completed series and format for sales in Canada, France and Australia. The series is produced in partnership with  TVO and in association with  The Jim Henson Company, who will handle the distribution of the series in all other territories. The series recently premiered on TVO,  City Saskatchewan and  Knowledge Network in Canada.

HiOpie.com, the accompanying interactive portion will additionally be available for international licensing. Hosted by Opie the website reinforces the core messages of the brand by offering meaningful interactive stories, explanatory environments, as well as activities and games that entertain and deliver important educational takeaways. Users will join Opie as he takes them on a tour of a typical kindergarten classroom, preparing preschoolers for what they might expect when they enter that environment. On the way users will watch exclusive videos and play games that teach health, music, culture and memorization. ”We are committed to continue growing our well-known kids and youth catalogue with content that is internationally appealing and relatable,” said  Kirsten Hurd Director, International Sales and Acquisitions of D360. “We look forward to connecting with new and existing buyers as well as producers who are looking for distribution partners.”


Alphabet Stories is a creative series of mixed media shorts for preschoolers. Each episode showcases a variety of words that start with a letter from the alphabet. After the introduction of each letter, a fun story is told that encompasses all the words into one wild and imaginative tale. The series will make its world premiere on TVO (Ontario) in October 2014 and on Knowledge Kids (British Columbia) in January 2015.

YOUniverse (26x2.15’)

In this series of whimsical and beautiful animated shorts, preschoolers guide the viewer through their vision of the universe. Full of imaginative and stunning visuals, each educational episode features a specific art style to match the uniqueness of a child’s imagination. The series currently airs on TVO (Ontario), Knowledge Network (British Columbia) and YLE (Finland).

PLANET ECHO (52x30’)

Brothers Chuck and Andy embark on an extraordinary planetary adventure, showcasing and celebrating the positive initiatives being taken to make our planet a happy and healthy place to live. A mash-up of colourful stories infused with pranks, high adventure and fun facts, this coviewing property will inspire families to celebrate and nurture the planet.

The series has aired in Canada on  APTN (Aboriginal People Television Network), City Saskatchewan,  CTV2 and Knowledge Kids.

HI OPIE! (13x30’ / 39x7’)

Designed for preschoolers, the series stars five-year-old Opie—a puppet custom-built by the experts at  Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Opie and his real kid classmates are in their first year of kindergarten—uncertain of what to expect. With each new day, Opie learns more about himself, his friends and his teachers. Each story marks a new chapter in Opie’s personal growth as he participates in, struggles with and inevitably succeeds in kindergarten activities.

Additional series: Other titles that will be showcased at MIPCOM this year include the  Cuppa Coffee Studios animated series’ Bruno and the Banana Bunch and Tigga & Togga along with Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group’s Atomic Betty, The Raccoons, Miss BG and Kids World Sports. D360 will also present the marblemedia series Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!

For sales inquires or to set up a meeting, please connect with Director, International Sales and Acquisitions Kirsten Hurd at kirsten@distribution360.com.

Come visit us at MIPCOM booth P-1.A51.

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