TORONTO, ONTARIO (March 28, 2019) - Global distribution company Distribution360 (D360) and award-winning producers Infinity Films and Partners In Motion are excited to announce the production of Titanic: Stories from the Deep (4x60).  This fresh take on Titanic programming tells the personal stories behind objects salvaged from the sunken luxury liner’s wreck site and features multi Emmy and Tony award nominated actor Victor Garber as presenter.

Produced by Infinity Films and Partners in Motion (both Vancouver), the series shoots in New York, Atlanta, Charleston, Phoenix, London, Liverpool, Southampton, Paris and Belfast this spring. Cable channel Hollywood Suite and BDHQ-TV a premium unscripted Youtube channel serve as commissioners out of Canada, with the support of the Rogers Documentary Fund. Distribution360 has secured presales with broadcast partners UKTV (UK and Ireland), Viasat World for Viasat History (Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Sub Saharan Africa) and History on Foxtel (Australia and New Zealand). D360 will be featuring the series at MIPTV for further international sales.

With exclusive access to the artifacts salvaged from the ocean floor granted by EMG LLC, as well as seldom-seen items from private collections, Titanic: Stories from the Deep is a ground-breaking documentary series uncovering new stories of love, fate, secrets and heroics.  Presented by Victor Garber, who co-starred as Thomas Andrews in James Cameron’s Titanic, each episode explores the real stories behind the artifacts and through the use of cutting edge technology they are connected to  specific passengers on the ship, and then to relations living today. Ron Goetz and Shel Piercy are Executive Producers with Cynthia Chapman producing and Theresa Piercy story producing; Shel Piercy also directs.  The series is set to deliver in summer 2019.

When Ron & Shel brought the concept of Titanic: Stories from the Deep to us, we knew they were onto something truly unique. Most Titanic content is focused around conspiracies and the disaster itself, and this approach to tell personal stories and showcase the amazing items that were able to be recovered from the wreck was something we knew viewers around the world would want to see.”, says Diane Rankin, SVP International at D360.

These stories come powerfully to life when told by those directly connected to a passenger forever impacted by the sinking of Titanic”, says Ron Goetz, Partners in Motion. “It’s as though history jumps off the shelf wielding an emotional punch that gives the sinking of Titanic an immediacy and power that helps us understand why the world remains fascinated by the story of this tragedy 107 years later”, adds Shel Piercy, Infinity Films.