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All-Round Champion

11 x 60'
Kids 8 - 12 and their families
marblemedia for BYUtv, TVO, and Knowledge Network
Production year:


Bringing together North America's most successful young athletes for a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled sports fest that will decide the All-Round Champion!

Over 11 events including a final thrilling pentathlon, ten of the best who are at the top of their game in sports like wake boarding, gymnastics, BMX racing, golf and skateboarding will step outside of their own comfort zones to compete against each other in all their rivals' sports. They will also see how their competitors fare in their own personal sport. Coached by world-renowned sports stars and Olympians, each competitor is scored on skill, sportsmanship and improvement after each athletic challenge and at the end of the series, one hardcore athlete will be crowned the All Round Champion

The competitors go through an emotional and challenging journey, experiencing winning and losing, working as a team and building relationships with their peers. It's the ultimate competition that is a test of both physical strength and skill and mental tenacity and preparedness. Who will be the winner?