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Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates

26 x 7-9'
Skyship Entertainment


Ahoy, mateys! Grab yer feathered hats—it’s time for swashbuckling adventure with Captain Seasalt and his ABC Pirates crew! Come along as the loquacious Captain and his young shipmates, Maya, Pedro, Sammy, and Ellie explore the 26 islands of the Alphabet Archipelago. What is our curious crew in search of? Phonetic treasure, of course! And each letter-shaped island is brimming with it!

Armed with a map, the pirates crisscross the land and encounter exotic animals—like Norman the Narwhal and Odette the Otter—and other clues that begin the island’s letter. Once they’ve traversed the whole island…X marks the spot! What exciting treasure do they find? Something awesome…and almost always alliterative!

So, climb aboard, and join Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates on a rollicking vocabulary-building adventure! Arrrrr!