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CBC – Wildlife and Nature

4 x 60'
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Elephant in the Room

Zoos and aquariums are big business, reportedly generating more business than all professional sports leagues in North America combined and elephants are one of the biggest draws. But a heated controversy has erupted between zoos and animal advocates who say a cage is no place for these gentle giants.

Elephants on Board

Exclusive access to the convoy relocating three aging elephants from the only home they've ever known to the PAWS sanctuary in California. This incredible journey is filled with tension, drama and unpredictability as well as raises a spotlight on the debate about elephants in captivity.

Nuts About Squirrels

Revealing the secret life of the urban squirrel with help from robotic squirrels, GPS-tracked acorns and citizen scientists.

Safe Haven for Chimps

The touching story of how some very special chimpanzees find sanctuary and a new family when they retire from life in a lab. Featuring an interview with world-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall.


Key Personnel

Jane Goodall