Classic Cars

17 x 30'
Adults 18+
Produced by Zatzu Media


Classic Cars showcases beautiful vintage vehicles and tells the stories of the owners who have lovingly restored and maintained them. Viewers will learn about the history and pedigree of these magnificent cars that have become more appreciated and valuable over the years. Featured classic cars include the Bentley R Type, Ford Classic Capri, DeLorean DMC-12, Panther Lima, Kallista, Morgan 4/4, Triumph Stag, Triumph TR3A & TR2, Triumph Roadster, Citron Big 6, Mercedes Pontoon, Austin Healey, Panther De Ville, J72, ‘65 Mustang Fastback, 1959 Ford Impala, 1953 Chevy Pickup, MK VI Bentley, Porsche 933 – and so many more!

Season 1: 7 x 30'
Season 2: 10 x 30'