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Des idées de grandeur

306 x 30'
Adults 18+


More than a home makeover show, Des idées de grandeur tackles one of the toughest aspects of redecorating: how to best use your space. Unusual homes, tight spaces, quirky architecture, multi-purpose spaces- there is no problem too challenging for the designers of Des idées de grandeur!

In each episode, the owner lucky homeowner gets to decide what home redecoration project they would like to have done, and almost as important, how much they want to spend. By answering a skill-testing question, they have a chance to win an extra $500 to $1,500 towards their renovation budget. With the project selected, and the budget in place, the homeowners choose one of three in-demand designers to give their space the ‘plus up’ it needs. In the end using some ingenuity, and a lot of design savvy, the designer and the homeowner will have transformed their problematic space from a big dud into a grand design!