Hi Opie!

26 x 30' / 78 x 7'
marblemedia in association with The Jim Henson Company for TVO.


Hi Opie! is a live-action preschool series that follows the social, emotional and intellectual escapades of 5-year-old Opie, a new kid in kindergarten and your new puppet friend. Opie and his real kid classmates are in their first year of kindergarten – uncertain just what to expect. With each new day, Opie learns more about himself, his friends and his teachers. Each story marks a new chapter in Opie’s personal growth as he participates in, struggles with and inevitably succeeds in kindergarten activities. Every episode has a clear and attainable goal, that is achieved through the process of learning through play - having fun, asking questions, experimenting with the consequences of one’s actions, persevering through adversity and imagining.

Season 1: 39 x 7'
Season 2: 39 x 7'

Versionable Interactive Web Content – Online Games | Youth Media Alliance Nominee 2017: Best Program, Live Action, ages three to five

Youth Media Alliance Awards 2017 Nominee: Opie's Playground Award of Excellence for Best Original Interactive Content 
Youth Media Alliance Awards 2017 Nominee: Hi Opie! Award of Excellence for Best Program Live Action, Ages 3-5 Category
Youth Media Alliance Awards 2016 Winner: Award of Excellence, Best Convergent Website
Canadian Screen Award 2017 Nominee: Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program - Jordan Lockhart