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60 x 30'
Adults 18+
MZTV Productions for ZoomerMedia.
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An innovative speaker series that plays host to a distinguished list of big thinkers, from artistic talents and literary heavyweights, to innovative scientists and visionary entrepreneurs, IdeaCity is more than a stage to air new concepts - it's an incubator for inspiration. This series features talks from thought leaders including: futurist Faith Popcorn, New Age guru Deepak Chopra, explorer Wade Davis, Paralympian Rick Hansen and art historian Thomas de Wesselow.

Episodes include:

Deepak Chopra - Chopra provides a counterargument to what he calls “reductionist medicine” and sheds light on the connection between mind, body and ecosystem.

Alan Young - Innocence Project co-founder Alan Young discusses his work on the Innocence Project.

Rasmus Ankerson - Author Rasmus Ankerson discusses high performance athletic secrets

David Wolman  - Writer and editor David Wolman discusses the idea of a cashless future.

Jack Andraka - Whiz-kid Jack Andraka discusses his method for detecting cancer.

Buck Angel - Transsexual filmmaker and educator Buck Angel discusses the limitations and effects of socially constructed gender roles.

Faith Popcorn - Futurist and author Faith Popcorn discusses cultural trends.

Margaret Atwood - Literary author Margaret Atwood discusses her involvement in a recent death project

Sheril Kirshenbaum - The art of kissing

Wade Davis - Explorer Wade Davis discusses World War I's impact on his Mount Everest climb.

Josef Penninger - Genetic engineer Josef Penninger discusses genetic functions.

Jason I. Brown - Math professor Jason I. Brown discussed the intersection between math, music and the Beatles

Tim Clark - Author Tim Clark discusses the development of The Old Famer's Almanac.

David Steinberg - Crossword prodigy David Steinberg discusses crossword building

Marlene Zuk-Downchild - Biologist Marlene Zuk-Downchild discusses insect sex.

Thomas de Wesselow - Art historian Thomas de Wesselow discusses his Shroud of Turin work.