Inside Paradise

13 x 30'
Adults 18+
Good Earth Productions Inc. for Travel+Escape
Production year:


On the glamorous island of St Martin in the Caribbean, 9/10 locals depend on tourism to make a living. Over the course of one season, Inside Paradise follows a group of ambitious individuals working in the tourist industry as they try to make a year’s worth of income in four short months. Their survival is at stake, and if they can’t build a bankroll during the high season, they won’t make it through the rest of the year. Go behind the scenes of this luxury holiday destination with a wild cast of characters from high-rollers peddling spectacular villas and multi-million dollar yachts, to the water sports specialists who run rental kiosks on the most famous strip of sand in the Caribbean; the stakes are high across the board. Will they survive & thrive inside Paradise, or will they get washed out to sea?