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Into The Arctic: Awakening

1 x 76'
Campside Productions


Untamed beauty and the lure of the North have drawn artist Cory Trépanier to paint the Canadian Arctic for over a decade. Much has changed since he first went North. Shrinking sea ice is opening the door to a world hungry for its resources. Remoteness can no longer protect this land or its people from the coming impacts.

For 9 weeks and 25,000 kilometres, Cory immerses himself into the Arctic: exploring with Inuit elders, paddling the most northerly canoe route in North America, walking in the footsteps of early explorers John Rae and John Franklin, voyaging through the Northwest Passage - and deeply connecting with a changing land, to bring it to the eyes of those who may never see it.

With the future of the North at a crossroads, can a simple stick and some bristle paint the Arctic into the hearts and minds of others, so far away?