50 x 3'
Kids 6-11
GAPC Entertainment for TVOKids
English & French


'Mathemagician’ Eric Leclerc shares secrets from the not-so-hidden world of math in this exciting, entertaining math-short series, proving math really is everywhere!

In each episode, Eric illuminates the big ideas in primary math that children are already learning to do. From computation, to patterns in a number sequence, to shapes and space, and measurement, mathXplosion highlights how math is related and connected to things they see, know, and wonder about in their daily lives. mathXplosion aims to grow and foster a love of math in a fun, funny, and approachable way!

2017 Youth Media Alliance Award of Excellence winner for Best Original Digital Content
2017 W3 Gold Award winner - Educational Online Video
2017 Davey Silver Award winner -  Film/Video Educational 
2016 DigiAward nominee for Best Digital Series, Non-Fiction
2016 Telly Awards Bronze winner - Best Webseries
2016 IndieFest Film Award of Merit - Best Webseries