Opie’s Home

39 x 7'/ 13 x 30'
Preschoolers 2-6
marblemedia in association with The Jim Henson Company for TVO, Rogers Broadcasting Ltd, Knowledge Network


Opie's Home is a spin-off of the award-winning series Hi Opie! Which sees Opie in school for the first time. Opie’s Home explores the fun of family life from a preschool point of view, following 4-year-old Opie as he plays, explores and discovers new things in and around his home. Episodes feature Opie’s day-to-day interactions at home, reading and playing with his family and neighbours, as well as his family routine before and after school.

Versionable Interactive Web Content – Available now at www.tvokids.com/preschool/opie

2018 Canadian Screen Awards - Best Cross Platform, Children and Youth Nominee
2018 Banff Media Award - Best Interactive Content, Children and Youth WINNER