The Mystery Files

26 x 30'
Kids 6-11
Apartment 11 for TVOKids


A little bit of mystery makes history a lot more fun. Join cousins E.B and Kyla, as they unwrap the clues left for them by the mysterious Great Aunt Hermione and every Mystery File leads to a new adventure!

The Sherlockian duo have inherited the mixed-up files of Great Aunt Hermione, explorer extraordinaire. Each file presents three seemingly unrelated objects from the past, and it’s up to the gang to figure out how these artifacts connect to who we are and how we live now. Each mystery unravels new discoveries from around the world, like: How has the invention of flight changed the “size” of our world? Did the Vikings set foot in North America hundreds of years before any other Europeans? Are the undead real? And how does the way we measure time change the way we live?

2018 Canadian Screen Award nominee: Best Non-Fiction Children's Program
2017 Youth Media Alliance nominee: Best Program, Live Action, ages six to nine category
2017 Canadian Screen Award nominee: Best Direction in a Children's or Youth Series
2017 Japan Prize finalist: Primary Category