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The Skinny Dip

8 x 30'
Adults 18+
Produced by Best Boy Entertainment.


Globe-trotting in search of skinny-dipping bliss, adventure-seeker and host Eve Kelly journeys to find the most exotic swimming destinations around the world. Not wanting to swim alone, Eve charms total strangers from various backgrounds and walks of life to join her on her mission as she treks through treacherous terrain to her final destination. Each episode follows Eve as she visits different destinations – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Costa Rica and The Bahamas. Different modes of travel – boat, dog sled, camel, horse and kayak – and of course, different skinny dippers! Her wide-eyed wonder and up-for-anything temperament infuse the series with a charisma and freshness that delivers a compelling and unique travel experience.

Key Personnel

Eve Kelly (host)