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Up in Arms

1 x 60'
Adults 18+
HitPlay Productions
Production year:


Long seen as the poster child for responsible gun ownership, Canada is now the only country in the world repealing gun control legislation. The result has been a steady increase in the number of gun sales and sport shooters, alongside a rise in gun violence in the country’s most vulnerable communities. Up in Arms explores this evolving gun culture and bears witness to the evangelical zeal with which gun owners are winning converts, and building a pro-gun lobby in the image of America’s National Rifle Association. What impact will the pro-gun lobby have on Canada’s urban centres where a growing number of communities are plagued by poverty, crime and gun violence? In one of Toronto’s marginalized neighbourhoods, youths are involved in a program designed to keep them away from guns, gangs and drugs. Each of them knows someone who has been shot or carried a gun for protection. Their reality is juxtaposed against the views of law-abiding gun owners, and the call for reduced gun control legislation. Is this where Canada is headed? A world of two extremes, divided by the gun, and motivated by fear?